Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fun with Words

Fun with Words.
Comment with a word. I'll see what comes.

'Rump' suggested by Kara.

Rump. When the word hits my mouth I feel my tongue rise up. It brushes against my soft pallet. My lips purse, and a small push of air parts them to finish it. Rump.
Rump. The word makes me smile. You have to make the Mmmmnnn sound. The same sound you make when you smell cookies. Mmmmnnn. Warm cookies, fresh cookies, your cookies. Cookies you made for someone to enjoy. Cookies you made as an emotional outlet. Cookies you made because you need to bring something to a party, or dinner, or a child. Mmmmnnn. Think of cookies someone made for you. Think of the act as a definition. You are recieving more then just baked goods. Cookies take time to make. Cookies take time to perfect. Mmmmnnn makes you want cookies more. Mmmmnnn. For cookies and rump. Rump.
Rump. You also make the word Rum. Rum is warm. I get warm when I drink rum. I'm not much of a rum drinker. I remember the sensation of being warm. It's the sugars. Wonderful sugars. Cane Sugar. We've forgotten cane sugar. It powers engines now. The world use to fight wars over sugar. And salt. No salt in rum. Or Rump. You almost loose the effect when you put rum in cola. The cola is a synthesized sugar. The rum gets lost. The warm looses something.The sugars make you feel safe. Comforting rum. Soothing. A drink that makes you warm. Not temperature. Warm in the mind. You get warm to the idea of something. You warm to the feeling of conversation, of contemplation, of deconstruction. You find yourself dancing. Rum makes me dance. Dance! I hate dancing. Rum makes me warm to dancing. I like rum because it makes me dance, even though I hate it. Dancing makes me feel strangers rumps. Rump.
Rump. Rump has an end. Pu. Pu is a fun act. Just playing with the end of rump creates a sensual feeling. The mmmmnnn causes the chest to vibrate ever so slightly. The tongue is crossing your mouth, making you aware that you are salivating a bit. Because you're thinking about cookies, rum, dancing kissing or because you're excited. Because of rump, or a rump, or your rump. Then pu. You're blowing a soft peck. A kiss to some one. A kiss for someone. Exhaling your sentiments. Experience the sensual nature of Rum, Mmmmnn, and Pu. Rump. Close your eyes and say it slowly. To a rump. Rump. Rump. Cookies, rum, dancing, kisses, rump. Rump.