Friday, October 8, 2010

The Manifesto (Part 34 - Punk)

Films about Punk only dilute what was Punk. Punk is something that cannot exist on stage, or celluloid. Punk today is not leather, hair or music. Punk today is not attitude or circumstance. Like that hated rat or roach, Punk is under the floorboards. When someone looks under neither to find it, it vanishes with a hiss, only leaving a memory of something.

Emulating this is a sin against those who have stood against all. To dress in the robes of a priest and claim to be a profit is the same as mutilating your body in the guise of seemed antiestablishment. If someone looks Punk on TV, then that is no longer Punk. It's simple punk; an empty shell, a corpse drained of blood and flesh, a building gutted and rotten. punk is an offense to those who are Punk and those who aren't. Those who dress and live as punk are liars and worse than the people they attempt to shock.

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